Friday Files – Introducing Wanderlust: Series 2

Friday Files – Introducing Wanderlust: Series 2

Introducing Wanderlust: Series 2

Boyac is excited to introduce the second instalment of the Wanderlust collection from de Le Cuona, in our showrooms now. The most luxurious fabrics imaginable, this collection has been inspired by travel and noble fibres. The first fabrics in this collection focused on sumptuous textures created from the finest natural fibres of linen, alpaca, cashmere and silk.

In the second series, Bernie de Le Cuona has introduced beautiful colours to new linen and silk. Rich shades are inspired by visits to the romantic city of Verona and a cooler, pared-down palette by the purity of Scandinavian landscape.


Verona is a classic cloth with a hint of romance. This lustrous silk linen falls comes in six ethereal shades. This double-width fabric is perfect for curtaining.



Malmo is a relaxed, floppy upholstery linen fabric. It is crafted from the finest flax grown for de Le Cuona in Belgium and combined with viscose to bring strength and a feeling of softness to the cloth. The fabric has a very high rub test, which makes it very robust. The heathery palette of the 6 colour options are inspired by the natural beauty of the Scandinavian landscape.

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest is a linen with a masculine design in soft contrasting colours. This robust fabric combines well with lightweight linens, available in 3 colours.


Black Mountain

Black Mountain is the same design as Cloud Forest but in elegant shades of black, a classic colour that never goes out of style. This strong fabric combines well with lightweight linens.

Cloud Forest and Black Mountain are specifically produced to be strong and versatile. Both are woven and dyed in Italy from the finest linen grown for de Le Cuona in Belgium.

To see the collection, please visit your nearest showroom. For further information, please contact us HERE.