FRIDAY FILES – It’s, Oh, So Quiet

FRIDAY FILES – It’s, Oh, So Quiet


Photo: Peter Margis

Open spaces are increasingly shaping architecture and enabling flowing spatial structures in the working world as well as in private spaces. ⁣Agility and practicality are key elements required in open spaces, enabling optimum use of the floor plans. This is where textiles play a key role.

Similarly, textiles in restaurants, bars or hotels must fulfill a multitude of functions, whilst creating a welcoming comfortable atmosphere.

Above: SONIC MELT and SONIC PLUS are two new additions to the range of top absorbers. In addition to their functionality, the highly efficient double-face textiles also impress with their aesthetic and homely appearance, which makes them suitable for use in both public and private spaces.

Acoustic fabrics with sound absorption are often the answer to open space living and working.

Acoustic Blinds and Curtains have partnered with Boyac/Création Baumann to bring you a new range of high-quality fabrics and innovative systems for acoustics that are functional and look fabulous!

Whether you are dealing with traffic noise, train, construction, aircraft or neighborhood noise, the Creation Baumann acoustic range is guaranteed to reduce perceived noise. Acoustic Curtains are a functional alternative to traditional window furnishings – and perfect for boardrooms, meeting rooms, open plan offices, music studios, commercial and home theatre, schools and universities, hospitality, retail.

Acoustic Blinds and Curtains and Création Baumann fabrics are here to help. To find out more about Acoustic Blinds And Curtains visit

Above: Alvar is a multi-coloured mottled fabric The pearl yarn plays with up to four shades, resulting in an interesting multicolour effect with subtle distribution. The slightly nubby surface with a grainy feel looks natural and is reminiscent of moss, stones or tree bark.