FRIDAY FILES – Luxurious Venetian Velvets

FRIDAY FILES – Luxurious Venetian Velvets

Iconic Lee Radziwill tigré-print velvet upholstered sofa as seen re-invented in her daughter-in-laws New York apartment.

Founded in 1875, Luigi Bevilaqua is a Venetian textile company that combines historical designs and techniques with a modern twist. With roots in the textile world tracing back to 1499, the Bevilacqua family have passed down the art of fabric production, producing countless fabrics for renowned customers and famous buildings, including churches in Venice, like the Basilica della Salute.

Fast forward to 2022 and the Luigi Bevilacqua fabric house continues to be recognised and coveted across the world. This exquisite product is made with the finest attention to detail. The elegant designs and craftsmanship ensure this timeless fabric range is suitable for traditional and contemporary settings.

Above: the interiors of the Tessitura (mill) in Venice. Venutto Tigre woven on timber looms

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