FRIDAY FILES – Nara – Anna French New Collection

FRIDAY FILES – Nara – Anna French New Collection

Anna French’s new collection, Nara,  is inspired by Japanese design, ethos and culture and offers a modern interpretation of antique documents. Patterns are influenced by Japanese architecture, woodcuts and watercolor techniques, and feature traditional motifs taken from kimonos and other enchanting artistry.


Literally meaning “the thing to wear,” the kimono is known as a symbol of traditional Japanese culture. Japan has a very rich textile history, with the kimono being a major focus of interest and artistic expression. This geometric pattern was taken from an archival garment from the 1800s.


Full of joyful colours, Nara offers large-scale patterns like Puccini, reminiscent of butterfly wings in a retro style of the 1960s.


Available both as a wallpaper and a fabric,  this brush-stroke pattern comes in 6 beautiful colours.


Perfect for upholstery, Reed Stripe is a 100% cotton heavy weight fabric and works beautifully with other patterns in the collection.


Nara revisits Japanese natural world with modernity. Tree House takes its inspiration from a document from the 1920s featuring.


Simulating a natural grasscloth, this wallcovering has a handcrafted look. Ramie Weave is made in Type II vinyl and is therefore suitable for heavy duty. The variegated tones and subtle irregularities are enhanced with the woven embossed texture.

Waves are a key pattern in traditional Japanese design. Full of movement, it is symbolic of power and resilience and represents surges of good luck.


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