Friday Files – New Branding for Bute

Friday Files – New Branding for Bute

Many people may not be familiar with the small island of Bute located off the coast of Scotland or know that it is the namesake for a textile company excelling in wool fabrics. However, thanks to the company’s gorgeous new website and branding, they are making a distinct name for themselves in the world of interior design and fabric.

Bute’s new website is eye-catching at first glance, with their signature bright colours and clean design at the forefront. Not only is the site gorgeous and branding clear and attractive, the navigation is incredibly user friendly. They offer a look at all collections of their fabric, photos of their products in situ, and also give insight into how the company began and their operational procedures.

History Bute was founded in 1947 by the 5th Marquess of the island in order to provide working opportunities for those returning from World War II. Despite having grown excessively and being present in the international market today, Bute still have a close relationship to their local community.

Island The island itself provides a wealth of inspiration and is the reason behind the bright, bold colours that the company offers.

Design The colours, patterns, and textures of wool that Bute offer are incomparable, however their attention to detail also surpasses that of most other companies.  They keep extremely detailed records to ensure a colour-match guarantee so that there are no surprises during final installations, music to designers’ ears!

Quality Bute have a commitment to the highest quality and standards. Due to their in-house laboratory, they are constantly testing their products to ensure durability in high-performance environments. Bute fabrics are appropriate for both commercial and residential use, from upholstery in an auditorium to drapes in a residential home.

No matter what you are specifying for your next project, take a look at the gorgeous new Bute website for inspiration. You are sure to be blown away by the colour, creativity, and array of uses of their timeless products.