Introducing the latest collection from Metaphores Paris – Craft Galerie.

Metaphores is an innovator in weaving and fabrics, and is a proud brand belonging to Hermes textile division.

An unrivalled quest for quality and a commitment to traditional savoir-faire is at the heart of this new Metaphores collection. Craft Galerie is inspired by the world of artisans, ingenious makers who adopt age-old techniques to create objects of beauty. The eight references in the new Craft Galerie collection have been conceived to imitate different natural materials: clay, wood, leather, metal…transformed by artisanal processes, whether it be chasing, enameling or engraving.

What they all share is a respect for the environment. Their fibres have been chosen with ecological concerns in mind: recycling, low water consumption, local production… Métaphores’ pledge to reduce the environmental impact of its fabrics.

Here is a showcase of this exquisite collection, now available at BOYAC and suitable for upholstery, curtaining and accessories.

Above: CONCORDE. This limited-edition linen velvet stands out for its incomparable depth and luxuriance. Perfectly suited to upholstery, its voluminous texture creates a soft and inviting feel in which to sink your hands. Available in a palette of 13 natural shades.

Above: CALICE. The inspiration of Calice is drawn from embossed metal and the world of fine jewellery. Available in a palette of 13 natural shades.

Above: TALISMAN. The dynamic pattern of Talisman is punctuated by circles reminiscent of inset jewels, while the metallic threads in the weft endow it with shimmering qualities. Six different bright colours.


Above: CAROUBE. Inspired by the world of artisans, the speckled pattern of Caroube suggests the way carpenters carve wood with gouges. Earthy yet elegant, this upholstery fabric is available in 10 different tones.

Above: MELCHIOR. The magic of metal was the starting point of Melchior, whose name refers to an alloy of copper. It’s glistening triangular patterns are reminiscent of precious molten elements on its surface. Available in 5 different colours.

Gaelle Le Boulicaut Photographe
Direction Artistique : Emilie Paralitici 
Stylisme : Aurelie des Robert

Above: METIS. Natural looking fibres in an irregular criss-cross pattern give Metis an artisanal look, and a luxury upholstery look. Available in 4 colourways.

Above: WABI. Spontaneity, fluidity, artistry are the key words of this expressive jacquard fabric. Four colour combinations to choose from.

Above: SUEDE. Voluptuous and delectably soft to the touch, this fabric bears a pattern intended to look like creased leather or crackled pottery. Its delicate relief is created by the different colours of the Chenille.  It comes in a dozen different powder-like natural hues.

Above: RAKU. Woven with a carefully considered irregularity and threads that display a spectacular iridescence. Its references are the world of ceramics and depending on the colourway, it can also appear to resemble stone, oxidised metal and even burnt wood. This wide width fabric is ideal for curtaining, and available in 4 different earthy tones.

This collection has arrived in our showrooms. To view the fabrics, contact the BOYAC team.