Friday Files – Outdoor Fabrics – enduring fabrics for all weather

Friday Files – Outdoor Fabrics – enduring fabrics for all weather

Boyac houses an exceptional array of fabrics suitable for outdoor use.  These provide resistance to harsh conditions, have a high abrasion threshold and ensure lasting colour and performance, a testament to their all-weather suitability.

Thibaut’s Sunbrella Collections

Sunbrella is the most recognised and trusted name in performance fabrics for over 50 years. Thibaut’s new Solstice collection has been added to their already great collections including Oasis, Calypso and Portico. These ranges offer a vast array of patterns, luxurious textures and include chenille’s, matelasse’s and versatile sheers.

Agora’s Indoor and Outdoor textiles

These 100% solution dyed Acrylic fabrics use innovative expert fabric manufacturing by the leading brands in outdoor fabric companies, Tuvatexil and Sauleda. These luxury fabrics are available in a vast range with dynamic colours and classic patterns.

Creation Baumann Outdoor fabrics

These highly contemporary fabrics are a product of Creation Baumann’s amazing capabilities of fusing textiles with the newest innovations in fabric technologies. These fabrics provide the comfort of indoor fabrics, however offer the robustness required by outdoor use, and are an exemplary match for modern architecture.

Yo2 Naval Industry and Outdoor fabrics

These fabrics offer exceptional qualities making them perfect for use in naval design, as well as offering water-resistant and sun protected elements to suit the outdoors. With contemporary and edgy patterns, these outdoor fabrics offer a unique addition to any outdoor space.

Come visit your nearest showroom or contact a representative to find out more about these exceptional collections.