Friday Files – Process of Making Grasscloth

Friday Files – Process of Making Grasscloth

We all know grasscloth looks gorgeous on walls, but do you know how much effort goes into making it? Check out this behind-the-scene look at the multi-step process of making grasscloth – starting with harvest, to hand-loom weaving, and with a pattern like Zagora, to precision printing. The finished product is quite a masterpiece!

Made from sustainable, renewable fibres, like the sisal pictured

After harvesting fibres are sun-dried for low energy production.

Fibres are then dyed a variety of colours.

The fibre colour is then checked for consistency.

Freshly dyed fibres are then laid out to dry in the sun.

Hand-woven by skilled artisans on a loom.

Backed with chemical-free paper.

Small threads and fibres are removed at final inspection. Some grasscloth wallpapers go through an additional printing step.

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