Friday Files – Summer Holiday


Friday Files – Summer Holiday

Is there a season more wonderful than summer?

Sunshine, holidays, outdoor living – heaven. And now even if the sun is not shining, you can still experience a sense of summer with our range of outdoor fabrics from Greenwood, Bridgehampton, Portico and Imperial garden as well as many more.

The colours and patterns of Thibaut fabrics & wallpaper are simply glorious.

Thibaut Portico, has been produced in partnership with outdoor fabric experts Sunbrella. You can be assured you will be able to enjoy these stunning colours and patterns without having to worry about fading, weather damage, ice-cream drips or any other summer dangers. They are so gorgeous you may even be tempted to bring the summer indoors and use them in a living space or kitchen.

Sheer curtain fabrics by Création Baumann add a new dimension to playing with spaces and views, such as Sinfonia, Soprana II , Malata III , Patterned transparency by Création Baumann: botanical inspiration (GIVERNY), fashionably embroidered mesh (COCO), attractive grid play (DOTTO), floating circles (NOBILE) and sophisticated stripe (AMETHYST STRIPE)—along with numerous other textile inspirations.

Création Baumann

Pedroso & Osorio produce a collection of fabrics for interiors, inspired by the wild and untamed nature, ever changing with the seasons and surrounding environment. Floral patterns on natural fabrics such as silk, cotton and linen; dry textures on matt and opaque colours, selected from a pallet of intense shades which evoke a natural wilderness and contrast with the reality of an organized, overly planned modern life. This soothing and stimulating concept can bring a more natural vision into our homes.

Pedroso & Osorio