Friday Files – Sustainable Fabrics supplied at Boyac

Friday Files – Sustainable Fabrics supplied at Boyac

It is important to embrace fabrics that acknowledge and prioritise sustainability as a long-term objective. As Creation Baumann has put it, “we will be able to meet the highest demands of function and visual attraction only if we remain focused on the bigger picture.”

It is imperative that textile companies take responsibility for their utilisation of natural resources, and minimize their ecological footprint in any way that they can.

Boyac are proud to be the exclusive Australian distributors of various sustainable textiles from several different international textile houses.

One of our fabric houses, Swiss company, Creation Baumann, places huge emphasis on ecological sustainability, and are proud to take the following efforts in being so:

  • In 1973, they built a neutralization system that still complies with statutory wastewater specifications to this day.
  • Their neutralization system requires no further chemical processes.
  • They have a vortex scrubber and electronic filter for cleaning the exhaust air.
  • They possess an ISO 14001-certified for their environmental management at their Langenthal site.
  • They also possess an ISO-9001-certified since spring 2009.
  • The majority of their textiles comply with the Oko-Tex Standard 100 and are safe to use.
  • They completely refrain from using PVC yarns.

CB Sustainability

Furthermore, Boyac supply other sustainable textiles such as bamboo fabrics from Metaphores and de Le Cuona, horse hair fabrics from Le Crin and grasscloth wallpapers from Thibaut.

These natural resources require almost no water or other external succor to grow, and thus such textiles facilitate guilt-free style and décor, and are literally timeless.

The incorporation of bamboo is not only sustainable, but creates an eclectic edge and provides depth and durability.

Similarly, the benefits of Le Crin horse hair fabrics are not limited to sustainability; they are also innovative, durable and incredibly stylish.

Le Crin Horsehair Sustainability

And finally, our stunning and extensive range of grasscloth wallpapers can cater to all tastes and are incredibly versatile, yet sustainable.

Thibaut Grasscloth Wallpaper Sustainability