Friday Files – Thibaut Children’s Bedrooms

Friday Files – Thibaut Children’s Bedrooms

Children’s bedrooms and nursery’s should suitably reflect the subliminally wild imaginations of children. Where other areas of a home may not be completely apposite for creativity, children’s bedrooms are. They elicit profoundly malleable creative direction. Thibaut fabrics and wallpapers are versatile in their ability to cater to a broad range of decorative tastes, and boast a combination of eccentricity and timelessness.

Thibaut’s versatility is reflected in its ability to cater to both gender specific and unisex decorative briefs. Floral and animal prints can accommodate both masculine and feminine palates merely through the broad range of colours available in each pattern. Moreover, Thibaut’s extensive range of geometric fabrics and wallpapers promise the attainability of unisex décor.