Friday Files – Thibaut Mesa Collection

Friday Files – Thibaut Mesa Collection

Above: Reno stripe wallpaper col coral, curtains in Rio Grande printed fabric in coral, cushions in Tiburon printed fabric col coral, Lily Flower printed fabric col coral, Austin printed fabric col coral and spa blue. Chair in High Plains printed fabric col coral.

Above left: Lily Flower wallpaper col Harvest Gold; Tiburon printed fabric in green and bluestone on chair; pillows in Lily Flower col Harvest Gold, Reno Stripe embroidery col green, High Plains printed fabric in Bluestone, Austin printed fabric in bluestone and green. Above right: Lily Flower range of colours on cushions.

Mesa introduces 115 styles inspired by extraordinary periods of craftsmanship in South America, Central America, Central Asia and the Middle East during the 19th century.


It was a moment in time when artisans mastered textile techniques and designs of antiquity like Suzani, Kilim, and Block Printing. Thibaut states, “We stand on the shoulders of giants and honour them with patterns referencing antique documents or hand-woven fabrics from this time”.


The Mesa collection showcases an earthy color palette of wallpaper and fabric in sun baked colors that add warmth and depth to a room.

Above: Lily Flower wallpaper and printed linen in col. harvest gold.

Above left: Lewis wallpaper col coral & blue, Prisma woven fabric col. Almond on curtains with Reno Stripe trim col brown, Chairs in Cascade woven col navy. Above right: Lewis wallpaper in coral & blue.

Above left: Austin Diamond wallpaper col navy; Bedhead in Lily Flower printed fabric col navy; Pillows in Tuburon printed fabric col brown and navy; Bedding in Beacroft Matelasse woven fabric col off white. Above right: Tulum wallpaper col wheat and Tulum woven fabric on chair col wheat on natural.

To view the full Mesa collection, or request sampling contact the Boyac team