Friday Files – Top 5 Sheers

Friday Files – Top 5 Sheers

Weathered Web

De Le Cuona only uses the best linen fibres from France and Belgium for her fabrics. Weathered Web is delicate in appearance but strong in nature.  The light is subtly captured as morning dew drops on a spider’s web.

DE Weathered Web
DE Weathered Web close pic


This bright white sheer by Barbara Osorio is a breath of fresh air, imagining the wind and rays of the sun coming through. The softness of its wool is a delight as much for touch as for eyes.



Slightly strie, Brina is a Colony sheer with personality. Coming in 8 colours, its brush impression adds a textural finish. Brina can also boast about being wide width and washable.

CY Brina sheer
CY Brina plain pic

Sinfonia VII

Soft feel and fluid draping, Sinfonia VII is Creation Baumann’s best seller thanks to its excellent properties – it is wide width, very durable and can be washed and ironed. Timeless classic, this very transparent sheer has an amazingly large colour palette, enabling perfect matching with any setting.

Sinfonia VII
Sinfonia VII colours


Very trendy, Smock is an elegant wide width light sheer. Its linen adds texture and a slightly crimpled look that we love.