Friday Files – Winter’s Tale

Friday Files – Winter’s Tale



We are now settling into the depth of winter, baby its cold outside !

When we think of winter we think of wool, cashmere, velvets and tones of grey and beautiful embracing tones of neutrals.

But this winter we wanted to introduce some new illuminations into our winter pallet, embracing colour into the winter season and innovative textures and forms and most of all adding another layer to your winter landscape.


Creation Baumann – Eluis and Epiegs winter throws













Sometimes when we think of winter the first thing that comes to mind is big woolly blankets that have been passed down in the family, we don’t unusually think of a blanket/ throw that is constructed like origami, this winter be inspired by the Creation Baumann Eluis and Epiegs winter blankets with a range of five different stunning colours.

“The striking plaid in a heavy wool cloth is reminiscent of Origami with its smocked diamond pattern” Creation Baumann


De Le Cuona – Cashmere


















100% cashmere will make anyone weak at the knees,

The Feather cashmere from de La Cuona is not just your standard cashmere.
“This textured cashmere cloth has been produced to the highest standards using the finest cashmere yarn. It has a feathery surface adds an unsurpassed luxury to any interior, both lined and unlined.” de La Cuona

Evoking an understated sensibility but making one feel very special as it adds a grounded luxury to any environment.
Available in a range of natural soft tones such as falcon ,oatmeal and willow.


Colony – Marble wallpaper











Colony wallpaper evokes the feeling of standing on the top of a cliff, looking out to a magical landscape.

Metallic warm tones will make any room feel warm and special.


Destombes – Touch Me Velvet













Velvety velvet

Jewel like colours that are beautiful POP’s of colour to have incorporated in your winder landscape.
Beautiful colours as absinthe, castor, loutre, bleu nuit, nattier, coq de roche.


LE LABO – Cotte De Mailles Chain

















Le Labo ‘s Cotte De Mailles chain is reminiscent of grand armour , protective, it is a beautiful detail when used to protect your fire place, allowing a soft glow of light to come through the chained screen.

“Our chainmail is made of welded stainless steel rings, each ring is connected to the four rings that surround it.“

The quality of the steel used allows the realization of a structure resistant to corrosion and re, which offers a high resistance to tension and deformation” Le Labo

Creating a beautiful environment that you feel warm and cosy in, with combinations of the things that are dear to you and that give you comfort.

With touches of jewelled colours or textures, with innovative products like the creation Baumann Eluis throw can give your winter landscape colourful illuminations that are fresh and inspiring.