Friday Files by: BOYAC – Design Heure Lighting

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Design Heure Lighting


Since 2005 Design Heure lighting has been at the forefront of decorative contemporary lighting design. The French publishing house has made a name for itself by creating unique lighting solutions for residential and commercial spaces.  With a distinctive range of colours, textures and customisable options for large projects you are sure to find a special place in your scheme for these gorgeous designs.

With the release of their new collection, Eau de Lumiere due later this year, we decided to revisit the existing designs to highlight the modern elegance that we have come to expect from Design Heure.


Perhaps the most feminine design of the collections, Couture is the epitome of French chic design. The elegant bow- like shades combines fashion and interior design and create a glamourous addition to any space. This collection includes pendants, floor and table lamps and wall sconces. It is available as standard in three colour ways.


Image 1 Couture Image 2


Nenuphar can most accurately be described as a lighting sculpture, more suited to be the star of the show as opposed to blending into its surroundings.  With the ability to personalise the colours, shapes and sizes these designs really do become a work of art. Available in wall lamps, pendants and ceiling fixtures, there are a variety of sizes to choose from.

Image 3


The inspiration for Cargo comes from the steam liners, with their large funnels creating an elegant and endearing shape.  This design comes in small and large scale wall lights, floor lamps and chandeliers. They are striking by themselves but really breathtaking when clustered together.

Image 4


This simple design gives character to any space. With the light timber and exposed cord adding to the beauty of the lights – the chandeliers almost have a marionette feel to them.  Available in three standard colours, you can choose from wall, table and floor lights, pendants or chandeliers.

Image 5


The largest collection in the Design Heure catalogue has a sort of magical feel about it. This give the illusion of floating shades, created by the use of invisible wires. The floor and table lamps have a simple outline which can be used in any application. 6 standard colours are available in the table, floor and wall lights as well as the pendants and chandeliers.

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