Friday Files by: BOYAC – Designer Discovery Luis La Pegna

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Designer Discovery Luis La Pegna


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BOYAC sits down with Perth Interior Designer Luis La Pegna. Luis is at the forefront of interior design and Manhattan Glamour style in Perth, offering a comprehensive service in the delivery of luxury residential, world class interiors. Luis’ bold, tailored design style has garnered him a prominent profile amongst interior aficionados. Enriching people’s lives with great style and design is our inspiration, our ultimate aim is to enable a person to ‘love where they’re living.’





If you could give one piece of advice to budding creatives, what it would be?

Believe in yourself and your own style, be true to your vision and set aspirational goals.


Favourite movie set / interiors?

Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the visual impact of the train interior, the well-tailored glamour combined with the layering of texture and form were brilliant.


What is your greatest inspiration at the moment?

I have always been inspired by travel and architecture, I endeavour to take a global view of design which means I am never short of inspiration, just the time to implement it all!


Something that has surprised you about the design industry?

In recent times I have been surprised by the exponential growth in the awareness and interest of our clients regarding interior design trends brought about by the ever increasing positive exposure of our industry through the media. I have witnessed an amazing transformation in this area from when I began my career, a change I obviously embrace and am grateful for.


Favourite BOYAC brand and why?

Fornasetti, the inspirational story behind the founder and his muse has always resonated with me. The family business has remained true to the signature style whilst keeping relevant and modern.


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