Friday Files by: BOYAC – Grafton Galleries – Hartley Cook

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Grafton Galleries – Hartley Cook

IMG_0025Meet our next door neighbour, Hartley Cook from Grafton Galleries and his side kick Stella. Hartley is the 3rd generation to run this famous antique business. Started by his grandmother the famous Elsie Cook who was recently profiled in ANZAC girls on the ABC. There is more to Hartley than meets the eye, find out for yourself all about Hartley and Stella.

Who/what would you consider you design inspirations?

In the mid 1980’s I worked for a dealer in London called George Sherlock who was one of the leaders in the decorative antique world in the manner of Geoffrey Bennison. George was from Newcastle he left home at the age of 13, he was an alcoholic, wildly promiscuous he later died of aids. The thing about George was that he went for the look. He wasn’t concerned
about the technical details unlike myself who had been brought up in the black letter way of looking at antiques. He broadened my horizon as Sherlock was the hub of the London decorative world.

Favourite movie?

Casablanca- it’s a film where every scene is perfect.
How do you adapt to the changes/ attitudes to antiques?
I try to not be behind the curve, although antique dealers seem to be.

Perks of the job?

First dibs on anything great!

When did you first decided this was the career path you wanted to take?

When I first worked in Grafton Galleries with my father during my school

Best moment of your career?

Working for George Sherlock in the late 1980’s. Business was booming.
Celebrities were always in and out of the shop.

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