Friday Files – Celebrating our Partnership with In The Sac

Friday Files – Celebrating our Partnership with In The Sac

“We like to create quality linen pieces, from the harvest to the home”

– Belinda Gallo, In The Sac

Boyac is proud to announce their partnership with In The Sac, a leading brand offering premium 100% pure Linen bedding and apparel.

In The Sac is redefining the textiles industry by providing exceptional quality pieces made with pure linen grown in the Netherlands and woven exclusively for their brand.

One of the founding partners, Belinda Gallo, has given us exclusive insight ‘behind the seams’ of the brand, a product of over 45 years of experience in the textiles industry. She puts the brands success down to the humble beginnings. Developed by a 3rd generation family company with experience in the textile and fashion industries, Belinda and partnering founder David Tinworth saw a niche in the market over 10 years ago for quality linen bedding. Remaining true to the importance of sourcing the best quality flax from the Netherlands, this brands success has seen its expansion globally.

With the ability to develop their own quality of linen that is exceptionally refined and smooth in varying textures and weights, In The Sac has expanded into more of a lifestyle brand. “Constantly evolving and changing” – Apparel, Poolside and Bathe collections have been launched, along with exciting new colours.

The brand’s exceptional colour palette and refined style have been created by Belinda’s instinctual and creative design abilities – stepping the brand away from traditional linen companies, and “bring a rich palette to the bedding world”. Constantly being inspired along her travels, the release of 6 new colours has brought a contemporary and sensational new take on modern interior additions.

In The Sac is being represented in our Sydney Showroom for a limited time.

For further information, click here or contact your nearest showroom.