Friday Files – De Le Cuona’s Textural Linens

Friday Files – De Le Cuona’s Textural Linens

Looking for some Textural Linen? De Le Cuona is known for their refined and robust linens, with sensory textures and distinctive natural tones.
Check out their dynamic textured linens, full of character, contrast and craftsmanship!


A beautifully crafted chequerboard effect, paired with a masculine colour palette will give a contemporary touch to any scheme.

Warrior Cloth

See how this chunky and gutsy linen highlights varying depths and textures?


A wild and strong linen fabric, the character, charm and authenticity makes this a perfect suit to upholstery and heavy curtaining.


This asymmetric weave creates an old-world elegance, stunning for upholstery and curtaining.

To find out more about De Le Cuona’s textural linens, give us a call or visit us in your nearest showroom