Friday Files – Introducing the New Collection from Fermoie

Friday Files – Introducing the New Collection from Fermoie



Design inspired by the delicate shapes of the sea – the watery refractions and soft light, endless movement of water and the redrawing of the same line along the shore again and again. This hand-drawn design has been screen printed using natural pigments on 100% linen. Produced in Fermoie’s factory in England, this upholstery, curtaining and walling fabric is naturally raw yet crisp and refined.



A geometric design of flowing water with the continuous ripples of light on a fountain. This hand drawn design has been screen printed with natural pigments onto 100% cotton. This is suitable for upholstery, curtain making and walling.



Pangea, the original supercontinent. A fantasy landscape of plant, animal and mineral. The playful and naïve landscape has been hand drawn and screen printed onto 100% cotton. Suitable for upholstery, curtains and walling.