Friday Files – Performance Across the Spectrum – Pinnacle by Thibaut

Friday Files – Performance Across the Spectrum – Pinnacle by Thibaut

Boyac is excited to receive Thiabut’s latest collection, Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a diverse collection with performance across the spectrum of both colours and materials. Each product in this collection exceeds 50,000 double rubs and has the assurance of Crypton Home® technology providing liveable, durable fabrics.

A small note from Thibaut about each new design:

Beatrix makes waves with undulating lines and an emblem of velvety V-shapes. The hand of the cotton chenille is soft and luxurious.


Ashbourne Tweed has a long color line of rich hues with visual interest. Like a classic Chanel suit, it is an iconic weave and works everywhere.


Dalton Herringbone is a timeless pattern designed for family-friendly living. The play of the soft woven chenille gives the fabric a slight variegated sheen.


Low nap and a lusciously soft hand make Bronwyn Herringbone a great “go-to” as a universal basecloth for upholstery. Colorways include basic neutrals and a punchy Royal Blue.


Hamilton Herringbone is a classic pattern woven with a mix of classic materials like cotton, rayon and flax. The tailored lines will accentuate the fine curves of any tight furniture frame.


Soft like cashmere, Alpine Chevron boasts understated glamour with its small and nimble mountain slopes.


With an obvious art deco influence, Gatsby’s elegant lines perform a slight trick of the eye. The beauty lies in details of this understated fabric, available in 3 dashing neutral colorways.


Like handcrafted woven basketry, Matari Chevron’s grand scale is versatile and ultra-dimensional.


The books will arrive to your closest showroom by the end of next week – call ahead to book a meeting!

For a cutting of any design request here.