Friday Files – Sustainable Design

Friday Files – Sustainable Design

As consumers increasingly become aware of the environmental and social mark they are leaving on the world, the interest in sustainable design increases. As a result of this, “Sustainability” has become a buzzword across many different industries, particularly the interior design world. We have come from using connotations such as classic and or chic to newly trending terms like “ecofriendly design”. When considering the future of the design industry this trend is on track to grow. Creation Baumann is a leading supplier in this domain.

Ecological & sustainable. Creation Baumann.

We are proud to represent this forward thinking sustainable company. Some key facts to note regarding Creation Baumann are:

  • In 1973, they built a neutralization system that still complies with statutory wastewater specifications to this day.
  • The system requires no further chemical processes.
  • They completely refrain from using PVC yarns.
  • They always pay great attention to the right choice of raw materials in order to ensure the favourable ecological impact of products throughout their entire life cycle.

For more information head to your closest BOYAC showroom, check out their website or download their brochure: