FRIDAY FILES – Tented Rooms

FRIDAY FILES – Tented Rooms

Above: Kubilai’s Tent in standard green colour, as presented in House & Garden (Sept.2017)

IKSEL’s tented rooms add a whimsical chic touch to any home or commercial interiors. Here is the full collection of IKSEL tented room wallpapers, including all colours and ceiling options available – Kubilai’s Tent, Ottoman Tent Pasha, and Ottoman Tent Mehmet.

These images are sourced from interior designers from around the world and featured in editorials over the past few years.

Above: Kubilai’s Tent ceiling detail in blue. Kubilai’s Tent in col beige, showing a bit of the wainscoting.

Kubilai’s Tent wallpaper from IKSEL takes any interior back to the circus tents of yesteryear. Muted tones, vintage grainy effect on the paper, and available in refined blue, green or beige colour options. Kubilai’s Tent design influence is taken from Abbaside Dynasty wainscoting. The IKSEL design team made it into an exotic tent which transforms a room into a chic camping fantasy.

Above from top: “Kubilaï’s Tent” in blue colourway at the private club The Twenty Two, Grosvenor Square, London. Project designer: Natalia Miyar. Below: Kubilai’s Tent walls and ceiling in col. blue.

Ik tent
tent 3

Above: Kubilai’s Tent customized for this room, opening onto a view of Iksel “Brazil” scenic decor. The “trompe l’oeil” of a breeze opening the curtains gently is achieved.


Above left: Kubilai’s Tent col blue, in a washroom. A Miles Redd & David Kaihoi project, with architect Peter Pennoyer, seen in AD USA @archdigest May 2021 issue. Photo by Ryan Kurtz. Above right: The new BOYAC Sydney showroom washroom, featuring Kubilai’s Tent in beige, in a vinyl paper to withstand moisture.

These two Ottoman tent designs – Ottoman Tent Pasha & Ottoman Tent Mehmet – come from those used in 17th Century military campaigns.

The tents were ornamented inside, with the finest patchwork sewn onto the canvas. Whilst the soldiers slept on the rough, the Army Generals travelled in style, as these splendid tents attest.

Above: Ottoman Tent Pasha

Above: Ottoman Tent Mehmet

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