A Decorative Affair

A Decorative Affair

Above: IKSEL “Costerman’s Garden” as featured in Hotel Saint James Paris. Designer: Laura Gonzalez

Chinoiserie: Chinese art before the 20th century has been a recurring source of inspiration for our supplier, Iksel.

The Chinoiserie decorative style is a fusion of European and Chinese styles destined originally for the European market. This style blossomed in the 18th century at the height of the Rococo period and continued to be popular well into the 19th century. They are an echo of a time when Europe was fascinated with the exoticism of Chinese culture without having a first-hand experience of it.

The IKSEL collection of Chinoiserie allows you to bring this pretty aesthetic into your home. Showcased below is the collection from IKSEL.

Above: “Dutch Tree of Life” col. Original; “Imperial Garden” in blush colour installed at the Hotel St James, the only Chateau-Hotel in Paris.

Above: Costermans Garden Col bone, blush, jade, blue, brown.

Above: Costermans Garden as featured in Alice & Olivia designer Stacey Bendet’s New York home. Source: Architectural Digest. Photo credit: @douglasfriedman.

Above: Eastern Eden Col Turquoise, Mauve, and Yellow.

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