Friday Files – Création Baumann presents the “JOY OF LIFE” Collection 2021.

Friday Files – Création Baumann presents the “JOY OF LIFE” Collection 2021.

Looking back on a year of covid, lockdowns and turbulent times, this new collection from Creation Baumann brings pure joy!

The dramatic collection includes natural, delicate, classic fabrics as well as mirrored foils, sequins and embroidery to make strong statements in the room. The extensive color palette of the intricately crafted collection includes neutral, muted tones to expressive colors such as lemon-green and coral.

The contradictions in texture and colour make for a very exciting collection from the technically advanced Creation Baumann fabric house.

Left: A highlight of the collection is ELECTRA. This dense decoration fabric of laser-cut hexagons comes in three colours to ensure a sculptural and impressive statement in the room. Right: A more delicate fabric in the collection is FLY, with its leaf pattern on soft transparent fabric, it presents an airy and poetic look.

Left: Another showstopper is LOLA curtain fabric. This transparent decoration fabric in Trevira CS is a voluminous eyelet embroidery with a cool, industrial aesthetic. Right: LOFT is a semi-transparent curtain fabric with a slightly irregular grid pattern in soft tones..

Left: RUSH is a high quality jacquard fabric portraying a spontaneous abstract painting, with brushstrokes laid horizontally over the surface. Right: Last but not least is the pretty and glamorous ELLA transparent curtain fabric. This fun textile is elegant, young and creative. Elongated sequins are applied on tulle to create a fascinating play of materials.

To view this new collection of commercial and residential fabrics, simply contact the team at BOYAC.