Friday Files – Mohair Velvet

Friday Files – Mohair Velvet

Mohair Velvet is a very durable and resilient velvet upholstery fabric. Usually sourced from Angora goats, it has great insulating properties, making it fantastic for curtains, blinds, bedding, cushions, and upholstery. It is resistant to moisture whilst also being flame resistant and is very difficult to stretch or crease.

Not only is this fabric very functional in a variety of spaces, it also has a beautiful plush feel and can be dyed in rich beautiful colours. Commercially, Mohair velvet is often seen in theatre stage curtains and seating, hotel lobbies and various other décor applications.


BOYAC has a range of luxury mohair fabrics to choose from. Here is our selection:

Verel de Beval “Montaigne”, named after famous French philosopher Michel de Montaigne, is a stunningly unique fabric of outstanding quality. Its pile being made of 100% baby mohair fleece, there are only 3 mills in the world that can produce it.

This fabric is made with a very close weave, to ensure the delicate fibres create an incredibly soft velvet with a dazzling lustre. With 19 colours available, this fabric can be applied to a plethora of spaces.

Colony “Canova” wool mohair velvet, available in gauffrage or plain. There are two gauffrage patterns to choose from: semis or fougere. 80,000 martindale.

Thibaut “Miles Mohair Velvet” is a resilient mohair/cotton velvet and available in eight fashionable, subdued tones.