FRIDAY FILES – New Metaphores Collection

FRIDAY FILES – New Metaphores Collection

We are thrilled to present Metaphores 2021 collection – Éléments Terre.

Fleeting clouds, breezy winds, swaying plants, seismic jolts, rocky landscapes: the inspirations for Métaphores 2021 collection are firmly anchored in the natural world. Its name — Eléments Terre — literally means “Earth Elements,” but also offers a pithy play on words. In French, it has the same pronunciation as the word for “elementary.”

The creatives lines Metaphores, Verel de Belval and Le Crin introduce this year 20 new elegant designs.

The new collection offers textured fabrics reminiscent of clouds like new bouclés.

Catalogue Metaphore Paris 2021 Collection ELEMENT TERRE
MS Textured fabric

Arundo is a jacquard picturing much movement in tangled leaves. One can almost feel the wind blowing. Remarkably elegant.

Aplomb features a pure and elegant geometric pattern with a round and generous texture. Ideal for curtains and upholstery.

Metaphores could not have named its collection Éléments Terre without presenting a sumptuous floral fabric like Verel de Belval always have. Grandiflora is based on a 19th-century document in the Hermès textile division archives originally conceived by the Lyon silk manufacturers, Mathevon et Bouvard. It embraces the traditional know-how of silk manufacturing with the finesse of its threads and the diversity of effects of its weave.

Catalogue Metaphore Paris 2021 Collection ELEMENT TERRE
Catalogue Metaphore Paris 2021 Collection ELEMENT TERRE

Eden is a very creative piece, probably the gem of the collection. Reminiscent of traditional tapestry, its oneiric landscape not only makes us think of the Eden garden but also of a subaquatic universe. Eden can be nimbly coordinated with other Metaphores designs thanks to the multitude of colours it features.

Sismic is a gorgeous upholstery fabric full of movement. Composed of striped rectangles looking displaced by a tectonic shift, its reach weave with its natural reflections seems animated and offers a sophisticated architectural effect.

For the first time, Metaphores adds a selection of fire-retardant contract fabrics into the main collection. Modern and aesthetic, they are also resistant, washable and supple in a way that makes it difficult to distinguish them from the rest of the line.


Alchimie is an audacious pattern. It is a dynamic fire-retardant jacquard that makes a statement. Up close, its double black-and-white warp gives it a pointilliste effect; from afar, it vibrates.

Sauvage is a fire-retardant plain fabric imitating wild silk for a very natural finish. Divine, Sauvage embodies nobility; the smoothness of its folds being particularly superb when kissed by the sun. It is ideal for drapery (single width), wall covering and accessories.

To see the entire collection, please click here.

Source: Metaphores

Creative Director : Emilie Paralitici

Stylism : Aurélie des Robert

Photographer : Gaëlle le Boulicaut

Location: Villa Cavrois