FRIDAY FILES – Pick of 5 Ideal Fabrics for Upholstery

FRIDAY FILES – Pick of 5 Ideal Fabrics for Upholstery

Chairs, sofas, ottomans, armchairs, bedhead or throws all deserve the best fabrics to sublime commercial and residential settings. We picked 5 elegant fabrics that would look fabulous on your upholstery.  


With its herringbone inspired by flight formation, Spitfire smartly combines linen with raw wool for a rough and natural touch. Heavy, Spitfire is flexible with its ten different colours and knows how to suit any settings from countryside houses to city modern spaces.  


Sogi is the perfect choice for those after both an elegant and bold fabric. Sophisticated and inspired by Japanese fans, Sogi is perfect for any upholstery. 


This boucle will make you feel at home wherever you seat with its warm colourful wool. Soft of touch, Storr smooths cold settings with flair. 


This 2020 new collection, weaving past and present, offers a wide range of stunning fabrics suitable for upholstery. Based on the discus thrown by athletes in Ancient Greece, Discobole shows contemporary graphic lines and colours – thus adding a modern and vintage touch to any atmospheres.

Touch Me

No name could better fit this cotton velvet: its texture appeals us. Certainly not shiny but remarkable nonetheless, it will adorn your furniture for a chic finish.