FRIDAY FILES – Sustainable Velvets

FRIDAY FILES – Sustainable Velvets

Above: Club Velvet sustainable woven fabric on chairs in coral, ivy, cadet (with Keaton trim col navy), and amber.

Recycle. Recreate, Reinvent. In the age of sustainability the team at Thibaut recognise the importance of creating recycled products that still look great. Club Velvet is Thibaut’s debut collection of sustainably sourced and consciously crafted products.

This collection introduces a new look in velvet – the result is a casual velvet that is durable, washable, lightfast, and available in over 50 different colours.

Thibaut is proud to partner with Ocean Blue Project. For every yard of Club Velvet sold, Thibaut will donate one dollar to Ocean Blue Project – and for every dollar, Ocean Blue will recover one pound of microplastics from the ocean, beaches and waterways.

Above: Club Velvet green friendly tones.

Above: Club Velvet bedhead upholstery in col.sunshine.