International Women’s Day – Cracking the Code

International Women’s Day – Cracking the Code

Above: Drapery from Creation Baumann “Joy of Life” Collection. Creation Baumann are at the forefront of textile technology with innovative collections arriving every season.

Each year on International Women’s Day, we take time to reflect on and celebrate the achievements of women, with a particular focus on women in our industry.

In 2023, International Women’s Day’s global theme is ‘Cracking the Code: Innovation for a gender-equal future.’

So what does this mean for Boyac and the fabric design industry? This theme allows us to proudly recognise women’s contribution to innovation and highlight our suppliers at the forefront of textile technology.

Here is a selection of technological advancements developed and championed by our supplier’s female designers:

Wellbeing in the workplace: Creation Baumann continues to make technological advancements in textiles with the Glare & Heat collection. The Glare & Heat collection products provide ideal light and energy transmission without glare. At the same time, the highly functional fabrics reduce heat radiation and contribute to an improved indoor climate and, thus, to wellbeing at the workplace.

Above: Creation Baumann Glare & Heat Collection – Highly functional fabrics for glare, privacy and sun protection for ideal light and energy transmission, improved well-being and indoor climate for the office and home-office.

Plastic Bottle Innovation and environmental advocacy: Thibaut’s Club Velvet is the debut collection under Thibaut’s Ethos category of sustainably sourced and consciously crafted products. Club Velvet introduces a new look on velvet made from recycled polyester (PET), combining performance attributes with sustainability. The result is a casual velvet that is durable, washable, lightfast, and available in 60 stunning colorways. Thibaut is proud to partner with Ocean Blue Project. Thibaut will donate one dollar to Ocean Blue Project for every yard of Club Velvet sold. For every dollar we donate, Ocean Blue will recover five pounds of microplastics from our beaches, ocean, and waterways. For more information, visit

Above: Thibaut’s Club Velvet, made from plastic bottles.

Diverting plastic from landfill: Metaphors’ latest Verel de Belval collection includes an oriental-inspired jacquard weave from recycled polyester, “Kintsugi”. Its name comes from the age-old Japanese art of repairing the cracks in broken pottery with gold or silver lacquer. Highly detailed and wonderfully precise, its botanical motifs feature flowers, leaves, and branches. Its recycled polyester warp is pre-printed adding extra depth and movement and uses innovative eco-friendly technology.

Above: Verel de Belval’s “Kintsugi” made entirely of recycled polyester.

This year and every year, the BOYAC team is proud to support
International Women’s Day.