Palazzo Style For Everyday

Palazzo Style For Everyday

Above: Abito Stripe col Copper. Thumbnails in col. camel, powder, clay.

Classic stripes, sophisticated textures, and luxurious colours. The new Thibaut Veneto Collection provides the best of Italian style, with the benefit of stain-repellant technology.

Made in Italy with the finest materials, this collection of 50 colours and fabrics is suitable for everyday living without losing the sophisticated look.

Our Boyac top picks: Monti Chevron in colour copper, Abito Stripe in all colours!

Top: Monviso col. Stone. Above: Monviso col. Copper.

Top: Baxter Ottoman in Bellano Stripe col Copper. Above: Monti Chevron col Copper.

This new VENETO collection is in BOYAC showrooms now. To view the collections or request cuttings please contact the BOYAC team.